DFW PPL Flight Training Options


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Hey guys, I need your input.

I'm currently a dispatcher in the dfw area and working more in the aviation industry, I have been really contemplating on flying. I have gotten familiar with the differences of part 141 and 61 schools. Since there's so many in the area...I have been going back and forth to where I should get training for my PPL. What are some good options in this area as far as price goes. I'd prefer to be cheapest. Would a Part 61 school be better for me? Grand Prairie has Aviator Air thats fairly cheaper than some in the Addison area. Then there's mom and pops flight instructing in Fort Worth as Sycamore and Spinks. So, if anyone has any input on this, that'd be awesome. Once again, Thanks JC.


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Find a flying club. Generally cheaper to do it that way than any other.