Deuteranomaly / color vision test


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Dr. Forred,

Thanks for all the great input you have on the forum.

I've read the "Color Vision Testing" sticky forum at the top of list- but wanted to ask this way to confirm up to date and since i'll be trying to pass information/guidance along to this guy.

One my friends who has just began taking flying lessons - his goal is only flying for fun/non commercial - has just taken his 1st medical exam with a problem in the color vision portion. (Was concerned about passing the plate test prior)

He asked the AME (In central North Carolina) if he had any options about taking another test alternative instead of the Ishihara - to which the AME replied " Good luck finding one "

This is the situation described to me:

He cant pass an Ishihara color plate test - his problem is called Deuteranomaly where he has a hard time seeing green color.
Although he is not green blind / can still see green as color apart from red, blue, etc. And can tell the difference between red, green, white signal lights.
Also wears glasses normally for vision correction to clarify.

AME issued his Student pilot certificate/medical with restriction:



AME said that applicant will have to take an FAA light gun test next if want to remove restriction.

What would be his next step towards getting rid of that restiction (if possible) ?

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He can go see Dr Tordella in either PHL or Atlantic City and get a Farnsworth lantern test. If he passes, he can send a copy to the FAA and the will issue a non-restricted medical. He will have to take the test he passes at each medical exam. If he so chooses, he can do the OCVT (operational color vision test) but if he fails he cannot do it again. My recommendation is to go out with his flight instructor and ask the tower to shoot him the light gun. If he sees the same colors as the instructor, it is worth taking the OCVT.


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I have similar color-blindness issues, I passed the same test (in 2001) and was given a SODA (and later just a written waiver) prior to flight training... I'm now an airline pilot. I've never had any issues since, but in 2013 I would like to make the jump overseas to either Asia or the Middle East. Does any know which, if any or if all of the following countries give waivers to ex-pats with Deuteranomaly color vision issues? Or if any one knows anyone flying in one of these countries with the same problem?

China, UAE, Thailand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Macau, Taiwan? Probably the most likely places for me to end up flying "over there"

Thx in advance. :D