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Hi all. I just toured DCA in early September. Seems like a great place. My only concern is that I want to end up on the West Coast. They mentioned that they are building a program or will start one in Denver soon. Two admissions officers told me different information on that though. One said you have to do a degree program if you go through Denver and the other said that you do not. I already have a 4 year degree, so that would be an importnat bit of information to know. Anyway, does anyone know anything about this?



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I also responded to your question in the Sierra forum. Not to try to persuade you from going to DCA, but I am from Denver and can tell you that Colorado's weather would be very frustrating to learn to fly in. That's why I moved for my training. The weather is very unpredictable and you could expect quite a few cancelations. Also, they are already at 5,000+ feet so aircraft performance isn't great, especially in the summer.

DCA seems like an excellent school. I chose Sierra but DCA was a close 2nd choice. Be carefull though, becasue they tend to make misleading claims so be sure to verify anything they tell you. If you do choose DCA, strongly consider their Florida location. I think you'll find the weather there much better for training. But if you do decide on Denver, you will love the area. I hope to eventually end up back there.

Go Broncos!