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Denver Caravan Job


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This looks like a lot of fun and has some interesting upgrade potential:

Caravan Charter Pilot
Flight Officer

Pilot Base: Denver, CO

North America

Salary Range
No salary range was provided.

Company Information
International Jet Aviation

Company Profile
The company has not provided any profile information.

Denver charter company looking for experienced Caravan (CE-208) pilot for part 91 and 135 operations out of Centennial Airport. Looking to interview immediately.

Please e-mail with "CE-208" in subject line with resume attached.


Gary Anderson


Tries to keep it fun.
I used to work for them STAY AWAY!!!!!!! Plan to be paid 24k or so if you fly a Lear for em. So the Caravan is probably even worse. Per diem is $1.20

You get 6 days off per month that more often than not get moved whenever the company needs it. You have to be in uniform within 30 minutes of the airport at all times in case you're needed. There is pretty high turn over at the place, A friend of mine that was working there after I left, quit when they called him at 2330 (11pm) to be at the airport in 30 minutes to go for a 4 day trip. When he eventually quit they sent him a letter saying he was fired with cause, and dated the letter the day before he told them he quit.

One of the upper management guys is an ex-United Scab from 80s, if that gives you any idea about the quality of the management. Pilot meetings often involved pilots being called out on any issues management felt needed to be addressed, instead of behind closed doors like they should be.

Sorry to be another one of those guys that shoots down another job posting, I don't want to sound like the guy that just complains about everything, but that place is bad news. Go work for Lakes, or even Key Slime before those guys. (and yes I worked for Key Sime before I worked at I-Jet)

If you want more info, feel free to PM me.


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Damn, I got 98 in Sept and like 79 for Oct so far. How is it being on call 24/7. How does one arrange your boozing schedule around that?


Tries to keep it fun.
You go to work to drink, that was the pilot's running joke. Basically if you get a trip and sit for a few days then you could drink and not worry about it.