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Does anybody know anything about this flight school? I talked with somebody that works there and apparently they want me to come out there for an interview to start instructing. All I really know and what I found out on their website is that they fly 141-61 with foreign students pretty much.


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Are you talking about the one in the Dallas / Fort Worth? If so all I have heard about that location is they have pretty unreliable aircraft. But that was when I was training at a flightschool using the same ramp 2 years ago. I seem to remember my instructor telling me they had alot of breakdowns at the time.


Good Luck.


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I trained at ATP in dallas which leases part of their building to delta qualiflight. I don't have much information about them except that they pretty much only train direct from india students. Broken english at best. They seem to sign students off for solo who dont understand runway markings/airport procedures/traffic patterns. They are taught the same generic pre-programmed responses to ATC (Example: Enter left downwind I will call your base. "Roger") (your beacon appears innoperative "Roger")(You just cut off that traffic you were supposed to follow "Roger") which is scary and everyone coming back into the airport is on high alert looking for the qualiflyers. The planes are filthy and they were shut down for a few months from night flying because all of their beacons were burnt out. Tower made a statement then didn't allow any of their planes to operate at night afterwards, it took them about 6 weeks to replace beacons. If they wouldn't pay to replace their beacon bulbs I can't imagine what else they aren't paying for. I would advoid this place.


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Yeah I did some of my cross-countries from ATP Arlington and there was a Deltaqualiflight there ( I guess that's the one you are talking about) and I remember that their planes weren't very clean and they could hardly speak English at all. I'm not sure if I should call them back or what. The person I spoke with said you get $500/month guarantee + $15 per flight hour. The instructors supposedly fly around 100 hours a month, so I guess that money would be liveable on.


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We used to call them perhaps unfairly 'Delta Qualicrash' when I was at ATP in Arlington. They pay $25/hr though so not too bad. Foreign students are tough though.


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Delta Qualiflight left Arlington about a month ago. They packed up and moved to Fort Worth Meachem. They fly busted-looking Warriors, and yes... pretty much all foreign students. Kinda scary to be sharing the air with them, but also kinda fun to hear how nuts they would drive the ATC.

"Cherokee 123AB 1 mile inbound... request touchandgofullstop."


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I went to ATP in Arlington next to Delta. We called them Durkas. They were horible at best. Missed radio calls if any and then usually wrong. (Poor tower guys!) I heard one call a suprise "short final" when over south tip of Joe Pool Lake. thats about 8 miles out :confused: Then I almost had to lift my legs when one crossed under me near FWS :banghead:


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We called them Durkas.

That's horrible!

Really funny, but horrible. Durka durka durka!

As to TOP - if you're having any doubts about calling them back, there's your answer. There are enough screws in this industry to have to avoid setting yourself up for just one more...