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Okay, I have heard from another post on JC that the so called"free travel is not as free as it sounds. As a DCA instructor, what travel priority are you issued when you choose to use that privilage? I read that it was S-4 passes. Can anyone elaborate on this?
As an instructor, you, your wife, dependant children and parents are offered unlimited S-3 flights, six s-2 flights, 8 buddy passes (s-4) and a companion card if you are not married. There is no cost for domestic flights. Some overseas flights can incure a small charge. Buddy passes and compainon passes pay yield fare.(3.6 per mile domestic and 2.5 cents transoceanic, 1.7 to/from Alaska and Hawaii)

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Could you explain more about the differences in the passes. Is S2 just a higher boarding priority? How does that relate to a paying standby passenger?
unlimited s3 for parents and six s2's? ASA and Comair pilot's don't even get that are you sure?

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Sorry, I was wrong on that about the parents. I had mailed off the copy of the benifits that I had and just grabbed a new copy from HR.

Employee, Spouse and Dependant Children/Full-time student:

On the 31st day of continuous Service, Employees and eligable family memebers recieve unlimited S3 domestic travel, 18 transoceanic, 6 / S-2 travel days.

Parents of married employees :
Parents receive 18 / S3B and depending on if the employee is married or not or has a travel companion, some transoceanic days can vary,. The 6 / S-2 days are available to parents of single employees without dependat children or traveling companions

if you need some specifics let me know.

S-2 would be of a higher priority than s-3, as fas as I am aware a revnue passenger is always going to have priority over a non-revenue passenger
Just remember though all seating priority is based on a senority date with the company. No one company (ASA Delta Comair) gets rights over the other. Also there is S1, S2, S3, S3B and S4 travel. S1's are company business so they are first. S2's are called vacation passes and obviously are the 2nd highest priority. You get the picture. Just remember the hire date and boarding priority are really you ticket to a seat.