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Of course we're not hiring at this point, but when we do, let me know about your qualifications and I'll see what I can do.
Not that I have anywhere near the amount of hours for DL (even if they were hiring)....but what is the junior aircraft/base? I know with the furloughs everything is screwed up......I figured with the -200s heading back to CVG,they would'nt be the junior airplane anymore.
Junior aircraft/base is MCO 737 I think. The 737's won't fully be transferred to CVG for another year.
Doug, what aircraft is the aircraft new hires will get the FO position? Since the 727 are almost gone, what will be the starter plane?
What will they be doing?
I was replying to the line "New hires at delta". If you're a new hire, you probably already got a response to your resume, and I'm guessing you already got trained too, so perhaps you won't have to wait all that long to fly??? The people who will be waiting would be the prospective employees
No, new hires right now are probably furloughed! When things picked up who knows what shape Delta will be!
when people are on fourlough for a long period of time
"say 6 month for instance" they will be retrained right ??? or go back to school to relearn the system..... and a check-ride with a DE.. Right ???

if so these Airlines will be spending mucho denero retraining 1000+ pilots in a short period of time when the recall starts huh ???

Won't the work load for the Flight Instructors in the Airlines be too much for the Airlines to handle ???
Doug dont be so positive about that hire date... I dont think you are close. It will probably be closer to 2100, if anyone is still flying then.
"Of course we're not hiring at this point, but when we do, let me know about your qualifications and I'll see what I can do."

Thanks a lot Doug!
It is a very admirable thing to say that!

I know things will turn around and there will be dream jobs for those who work hard.
I am at 2500 TT, 1000 turbine and eager to upgrade at SkyWest so I hope in 2-3 years I’ll be competitive on a major’s level.

I also would like to offer help. Let me know about your qualifications and I see what I can do for you at SkyWest.
Out of morbid curiosity what is the majors perception on supplemental part 121 time? I know a few furloughed pilots who now fly supplemental 121.
Supplemental 121 = Miami Air, World Airways, ATA charters, etc. Non sked normally. There are a few other supplemental carriers out there (I believe USA 3000 is?).
I see Delta 767s come through Qatar on military charters. Does that come under their scheduled 121, or would it be unscheduled?