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Did I miss the summary of NWA in this?

"A look at the developments at other airlines throughout our system tells the story:
Skybus – Liquidated.
Maxjet – Liquidated.
EOS – Liquidated.
Gemini Air Cargo – Liquidated.
ATA – Liquidated.
Aloha – Liquidated.
Silverjet – Liquidated.
Astar (contracted by DHL) – All flying (and none of the pilots) transferred to UPS
Midwest – MD80’s, the most senior aircraft, grounded. Furlough out of seniority, 40 percent pay cut proposed for remaining pilots.
Spirit – Furloughing beginning August 1.
Frontier – In Ch.11 Bankruptcy protection. Announced 17 percent capacity cut on June 25.
United – Announced grounding of 100 mainline jets resulting in 950 pilot furloughs.
US Airways – 300 furloughs planned for September, (175 West, 125 East).
American – Furlough recalls stopped. 1,979 pilots still on furlough.
Continental – On June 24, pilots reached agreement to limit furloughs by voluntary leaves of absence and retirements.
AirTran – On July 2, 2008, announced pay reductions of 5-15 percent and possible furloughs. AirTran recently raised cash through a stock offering and debt conversion to push off difficult but likely inevitable strategic decisions. Growth at AirTran is virtually nil, at this point, with a five percent capacity cut planned for September."