Deferred medical question


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Hi guys, I'm a student pilot with a question. I began taking lessons for my sport then switched to ppl a couple of months ago. Not using very good sense, I went to an AME for my medical with little sleep (work 24 hour shifts in EMS) and got dinged for issues with amblyopia (lazy eye). I visited my optometrist and told him that I occasionally have problems focusing when tired (who doesn't). The part about being fatigued and having diplopia didn't make it on the paperwork, only occasionally diplopia did. I was deferred at that point to OKC. I have since re visited the optometrist and had him clarify my issues correctly to say occasionally "with fatigue". I do believe that would have allowed the AME to grant me my 3rd class on the spot, is that correct? Now being in deferrel for a month, is it possible to just get re evaluated by an AME or do a consult? The extended wait times I hear about for deferrals is terrible, all I have left to do is solo. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am a healthy 30 year old guy that wears corrective lenses.
Thanks for the reply Dr. Forred. The 8500-7 was completed by the optometrist, and initially just stated occasional diplopia that I could compensate for. It left off the whole part of fatigue, which is what I'm guessing caused the deferral. I had a copy of my complete medical hx from the optometrist with a note clarifying the issue. It is good to know that at least I should get my certificate either way, just trying to find a "fast lane" to this process. I have definitely learned from my mistake.