December Specials!


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Happy Holidays from Dutch Wings!​
December Specials:
HELICOPTER TRAINING! A Helicopter Discovery Flight is an Excellent Christmas Gift!

$250.00/hr Dual $235.00/hr Block Time
Visit or call us at 281 431 8866 for more information.​

Our Arrow will have a new engine just in time for the new year!
We have a CATS testing facility on campus.
Call 800 947 4228 to schedule your test.

Our new fuel surcharges drastically reduced the total price you can expect for our programs!

Private 172M $4070.00
Private 152 $3350.00
Instrument 172M $3895.00
Instrument 152 $3195.00
Instrument Arrow II $4750.00
Commercial Arrow II $1260.00
Multi-Engine add-on $2090.00
CFI / CFII $1748.00
Theses are prices with the Fuel Surcharge for the FAA required minimums.

[FONT=Verdana,Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif] We hope to see you again soon. FLY SAFE.

Dutch Wings Flight School 503 McKeever Rd
Arcola, TX 77583
p 281 431 8866
f 281 431 0095