Dear God No !!!


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Bad Luck ... That' all I can say about what happened today...

When i left Brooklyn NY for my 5 hr + drive back to Brunswick ME. I would have never Thought I'd get my first Speeding ticket. All i did was Pray to get to my Destination Safly !!

Let me just say I was an Unlucky Driver today. Because not only did i Recieve my First Speeding ticket today.. about 1 hr later I Recieved my Second Speeding Ticket Ever, 45 min away from my destination !!! With a Grand total of $271.00

The Reason i say it was bad luck was because I Don't speed.. I just Flow with Traffic.. and that is what i was doing.. There were cars Going Faster than I was Seconds Before I got Pulled over..

The First ticket was Bull Sh*T( i was doing 75-80 max )
{he said i was doing 80 - 85 mph Estimated. Thats what he put on the ticket }( I was Picked out of 10+ cars going 75mph-85mph)
( seconds later same cop Stoped another guy).

The next ticket was a set up.. right around a Corner ther was 4 cop cars.. and they 3 came out of the corner and the 4th out of an Exit and to my luck while i was slowing down ( me doing 75 mph agian) he raised his hand told me to pull over .. and Asked if the car was mine ( p.s I'm black !! :?) .. j/k no relivence :?) . and he told me he had me on laser doing 82 ( hell no I never got above 80 after the last Ticket !!) Fu^ck !!! 2 in one Day !!!

I can't wait to tell the Airline Interviewer.

Interviewer: Have you ever had a speeding ticket???

Me: " YES " " Both On the same Day "

Interviewer: Why ??

Me: " Because it was Labor day !! "

I'm just trying to cheer my self up NOW !!
You could, I say could, garner some sympathy if there were any roads in Maine with a speed limit over 70 MPH.

If the speed limit was 70 MPH and you were going faster than that, suck it up and shell out the bucks. I know it hurts since there were other cars going as fast or faster, but that’s life. Just wasn’t your day.
I don't think I travel below about 80 MPH most the time on interstates in Michigan. The speed limit everywhere is 70, and if I did much below 75 or 80 I'd get rear ended by everyone else doing 90.

I also recieved a BS speeding ticket, though. I was "clocked" doing 70 MPH in a 55 zone. I knew I was speeding (not intending to), but I also knew I was not doing about 65 MPH. I challanged the ticket and the prosecuter changed it to 5 over the speed limit with no points on license. I was the first of many people to get hit by cops on that 2 mile stretch of road. I drove down it every day this summer going to work, and saw at least one person pulled over every time I went to work; by the same cop that busted me.


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Your best bet is to request certification of the officers radar training, and the gun calibration (I think it must be done every 90 days). Normally they will not be bothered to send them to you so you win in court by default, and there is quite a good chance one of them is expired therefore you win too.
I remember travelling on I-79 one day to PIT. We saw a lady pulled over on an on-ramp. From a stop she beat us (we were doing about 65 mph) down the ramp and managed to squeeze in front of us. From there she took off and we did too, back up to around 75 mph, only problem is she was probably doing about 90-95 mph weaving in and out of traffic like a maniac. About 10 miles down the road, there she was pulled over again visibly distraut waving her hands in the air. The cop that pulled her over initially must have seen her take off down the on-ramp and radioed ahead to watch for her.

Oh, sorry for your luck, and YES challenge the tickets, it's the least you can do. Have the guns checked. Do whatever you can to make that case hell on the officer that pulled you over. Never know what may happen.
My rule: Speed limit + >=5 on streets / + >=10 on freeways (toll roads, highways, whatever you call em)
Maine in the summer on a Holiday weekend = stay pretty darn close to the posted speed no matter what traffic is doing. They have been pulling cars from the pack like that for years.

( p.s I'm black !! :?) .. j/k no relivence :?)

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More likely the cars around you had Maine plates and you had New York or other out of state plates.
Out of state plates in Maine + Holiday Weekend + anything more than 5mph above = 99.999% chance of a speeding ticket.

You might try Ian's suggestion, but if it was a State Trooper you have little hope of success. The traffic court has direct access to state police certification data and I understand that they stay pretty darn current. If it was a county or town officer you will have a better chance.
If you're going faster than the speed limit, you're speeding. Pay your tickets and stop speeding. Saying you're just going with the flow of traffic and not really speeding is silly. There's always at least two lanes, so move to the right and slow down.
Your best bet is to request certification of the officers radar training, and the gun calibration (I think it must be done every 90 days).

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This is good advice. But, chances are, with Labor Day - most police departments made doubly sure that their radars were calibrated.

Does suck though. Good luck and keep us posted!

I'd fight them tooth and nail though... especially if I felt they were unjustified.

P.S. don't ever try to use the argument that you were "just following traffic" or that "other cars were going faster" because most police officers have the power to exercise their perogative... meaning - if they want to pull you over instead of someone who is going faster - they can.
I actually had a friend get a ticket nullified by getting his speedometer recalibrated in his car. It ended up being about 4 or 5 mph off because his tires were different than factory. The judge agreed with his recalibration and since he had a clean record, let him go. He didn't even reduce it to a warning or anything like that. Good luck. Just an idea.
Why did you pull over? I never pull over, I just floor my twinturbo ZX, and its goodbye. YEAH RIGHT!!!, try to dispute it by requesting a hearing. If the officer does not show its over, always have a plan B. Make sure you get your speedometer checked at a friends shop
( bring receipts)
Too bad you weren't in OH. You are allowed to go over the speedlimit while overtaking another car. (My back up plan if I get caught doing my 5 over)
"The Reason i say it was bad luck was because I Don't speed.. I just Flow with Traffic.. and that is what i was doing.."

Some women tried to pull that when I took my speeding ticket to court.

"But judge, I was only going with traffic."

"Maam look around you, everyone in this court room was only going with the traffic."

I think half the people there almost started laughing.
Well we have a bunch of speeders here on earlier another topic was started that related to speeding. You pilots must just get used to going so fast
Why did you pull over? I never pull over, I just floor my twinturbo ZX, and its goodbye.

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My brother found out the hard way in Maine that although he could outrun the cops, he couldn't out run Motorolla
{he said i was doing 80 - 85 mph Estimated. Thats what he put on the ticket }

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Rule number one: ALWAYS contest traffic tickets. Every single time. You have a 50/50 chance of the cop showing for court. If he/she doesn't, case dismissed.

Second, without radar or laser to back up the cop's speed "estimate", this one should be easy to contest. If he shows, put him on the stand and ask him what sort of training he's received in estimating speeds, and when his estimation accuracy was last certified. In CA, such "guesstimates" don't fly; the cop has to have calibrated radar or laser data, or have paced you on the ground or timed you between fixed distance markers from the air.

Third, make sure to get a copy of the law (presuming there is one in NY) that makes it unlawful to impede the flow of traffic. This law requires you to go the same speed as everyone else.

Good luck.
As a follow up to aloft's post...many times if you go and contest the ticket the prosecutor (or whatever you call 'em) will nock your ticket down to some kind of non-moving violation and just make you pay a fine. The money is really all they are after anyway.