DC/Baltimore ADIZ TFR tomorrow night


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In case any of you in the Balt/DC area didn't see this, there is a TFR tomorrow night around the time of the State of the Union address.

No VFR flights are permitted inside the ADIZ between 2000 and 2330 local, and no IFR flights are permitted except those operating to/from BWI and IAD.

I had my first instrument training flight scheduled for tomorrow night so I'm kind of bummed.
Yeah, cause we just know that a terrorist would comply with the TFR, right?

Well it, as do all the other TFRs, will obviously cut out alot of normal traffic making it easier to identify possible threats.....

Give the govt some credit! Better that something is being done rather than nothing.
Thanks, we were going to fly over tommorow at 9, guess we won't be going now
. So can we still make it into BWI? Hell we would never had known that, wouldn't have been too nice.....

EDIT: We're going to BWI,
Isnt BWI inside the ADIZ? not sure, but thought it was....anyhow, someone told me ifr flights are permitted.

OK, OK. . .they do give themselves some pretty nice raises, and they're really good at being reactive.
Yes, BWI is inside the ADIZ. For those of you that don't fly in this area, the ADIZ is a 30 mile ring around DCA, IAD, and BWI. However there is a TFR for the 15miles around DCA.