Day trip to JNU


Southern Gentleman
Crashpad mates and I took a trip up to JNU for the day since the loads were good (and later, thankful for Positive Space Tickets being open and me having 16 unused)

Here they are, hope y'all enjoy...

Starting the trail to Mendenhall Glacier

Close up, love the blue in the ice

Entrance to the Ice Cave under the glacier

Unearthly blue colour

Black mama bear catching a salmon to feed 2 cubs

Turbine Otter tail
Awesome pictures! Even though I was just there I really want to go back down there. Looks like you had a good time.
I think Fencer meant tickets not pictures. If you reach out you might find yourself hosting a trans-continental pilot flying an airplane he built in a NY apartment.
Damn....awesome photos!!! Very very jealous. Really spectacular scenery. the close up of the blue ice and the bear are fantastic.
I have been kicked out of there before.. an the best fish n chips is at the Sandbar, fresh off the boat, not a food service pattie like the hanger.
We had a guy get kicked out of the sandbar last summer...after ordering a pitcher of gin and tonic...