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Not sure if this it the right place to put this but has anyone ever sent their David Clark's in for service? All you have to do is put it in a box and ship it off the the address with the info that they want?

Also, How long does it usually take to return them and is it likely that they will charge me for anything? I just have loose wire in the mike jack I think.

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Funny you should ask but I just sent my DC's in for service after 15 years of trusted service. I went to a UPS store with a small box and they did the rest.... added popcorn for cushining. In the box I wrote a one sentence explaination of why they don't work along with my contact No.
I'm pretty sure they are going to charge me because I'v had them so long,but I think it depends on how old they are. Since this is the first time I'v sent them in I don't know how long it will take but again I hear they have excellent service and prompt return.Take care.


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around 3 weeks - 4 weeks if I remember correctly

They didn't charge me anything, mine was just over a year old.


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Mine were about 7 years old when I sent them in. Used a friend of mine at an avionics shop and all it cost me was shipping. I think I was without them for about two weeks and they came back completely refurbished and almost like new.


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I had them for about a year when I sent them in. They fixed them, and replaced everything on them as well for free. It just cost shipping. Took about 2 weeks.

Just ship the box to their address and include name, return address, telephone number, email, and describe the problem.

You probably have already seen this:


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A freind of mine back at FSA backed over his flight bag in his truck. His DCs were completley FUBAR. He sent them in just to get an estimate since this was obviously not under the warranty of "normal wear and tear". He included what had happened with the remains of his headset.

3 weeks later, he was about to call to see about the estimate, his DCs showed back up completely restored to new condition. No pay due.


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A little off topic, but if by some chance you find yourself in Worcester, Ma...drop by the factory! They'll take it, no matter how old it is, and give it a free refurb. Mine was 7 years old when I took them in a couple years ago for a scratchy left speaker. They took it, and essentially gave me back a brand new set. They replaced mic, mic boom, seals, speakers, cord, and head cushion all free of charge. They even told me my set's "birthday." In and out in 30 mins. Fantastic customer service and the set is still going strong used everyday after all these years.


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Not sure they're up to that level of service anymore; I shipped my 7 year old set of H10-13XLs in earlier this year due to a likely broken wire in the cord. They did all the repairs and replaced the ear seals and headpad for free, but wanted $70 to replace the microphone, which had been working fine. "It's gunked up, they get that way after a while" was the answer to my asking why, and reluctantly, I paid the $70. I got it back a couple weeks later, only to find that the new mic cut out if twisted slightly the wrong way when positioning it. Turns out this was because whoever had installed it had not bothered to tighten the connection screws, and by the time I figured this out, one of the screws was lost.