David Clark Headsets


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I have a 10-13.4, and I, for some reason do not think that it is very comfortable. The only thing I saw to help that was a sheep skin cover that didnt look like it would help too much. Has anyone else felt the same way, or know what to do about it?
I think my 13.4's are great. I've got a regular set and a noise cancelling set. Both fit well. I've worn one up to a fourteen hour flying day without major complaint.
DC's always pinched my head, especially when wearing sunglasses (which is pretty much every time). Almost to the point of having a headache. The only reason they fit like that is so they can claim an extra decibel or so of sound reduction. I sold mine and the pair I bought for my wife and I am using cheap SoftComms in the meantime until I find something else. I am looking pretty close at a pair of LightSpeed 25XLs that my FBO has had for a while, and might try them if I can get a good deal on them. I cant believe someone hasnt invented an ear cushion yet that allowed for sunglass earpieces. Most annoying thing ever in my opinion.
That's the same headset I have, I put elastic-trimmed cotton covers on the ears. (I forget who made them, I bought them at Oshkosh a couple years ago.) That made it much more comfortable, before I put the covers on it was like the plastic was sticking to my head.
All of those things listed are probably designed that way. As soon as you put those covers on or anything after market, you lose some of the sound protection that they claim to have over other companies. In my opinon, they arent worth being uncomfortable. Even after I put a pair of SoftComm ear covers on my old DCs, they were still moderately uncomfortable. I know DC is built to last, but I cant see being in discomfort or pain over it.
My only complaint about my DC was the plastic sticking to my head, which the covers helped. It still seemed to keep the noise down just fine. Of course I spent almost 6 years in the back of ATRs & SAABs so my hearing is not as good as it used to be anyway! My dad has a SoftComm I refuse to wear, it pinches my head something fierce and the mike always seems to need me to scream into it to pick up my voice.
i have both a david clark 10-40 and a peltor proGT ANR. i just put some undercut gel ear seals on the DC and it blocks the sound out alot better and is more comfortable on the head. But if you want something real comfortable go with Peltor Anr well worth the money and no clamping feeling.