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Dash-8 First Officers


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Hiring Contact:
Danielle Martin, Pilot Recruitment
Website: http://www.commutair.com/employment_pilots.html

Dash-8 First Officers

Salary: $18 - $62 per Hour

Location: Cleveland, OH

Primary Aircraft: Bombardier Dash-8

Job Description:
Type of Operations: Passenger
Aircraft Operated: DH8-200
Domicile: Cleveland

Minimum Requirements: 500 TT, 75 ME. COMM. INST, RTOP, FAA Class 1

Benefits: JS & pass privileges. Paid as F/O and R.O.N. pay while in training. Employee contribution for medical, Company paid disability, life insurance, vacation. Profit sharing.

Projected Hiring: CommutAir is currently interviewing for a new-hire class.

Minimum Requirements:
500 TT
75 ME
FAA Class 1

Have Fun!
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It's on findapilot.com (or something like that) as a fresh job posting for 9/8/2008. Sorry if it's fake, no doing anything from my side.

no, i know what you mean. i saw it on find a pilot also :)

I have spoke with HR person and apparently she has a pile of resumes going way back to june (she actually called me in june and told me i should hear from then in aug regarding an interview). When aug came i called her to ask about interview situation and she said they will go back to the piles and pull them by the date submitted.