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Pengy was just solicited by the hottest prostitute that I ever laid my eyes on!

Sheesh, I am sitting on the stool minding my own business & this chick with big boobs, blonde hair & blue eyes, tells me that she will go back to my room for $200:rawk:

Seemed like a nice girl, but, I told her that I was married & that I can take care of the pengy & save $200....

Funny part is that she laughed & we actually BS for a little while.....:nana2:


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I was solicitated by a black dude named Matt and some persian kid Sherv. Not my thing so I passed.


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I wonder if that was one of the chicks that solicited Nishu and I at the bar Monday night. :D

They said they were in the "entertainment" business - we asked what kind of "entertainment" and they said "What kind of entertainment would you like?" :eek:


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Everyone did. But, I had to tell them to stand back bitches, he's mine. Or, I'd pull out my nine.

My gun this time, not to be confused with what I showed you when we were alone in your hotel room!
so thaats why you snuck up to the room after the roundtable... I should have known because Sherv totally wants it!


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Ooops....guess THAT cat's outta the bag now, eh? :D

Wait, so that means I was with 2 pilots at the same time....:crazy: :panic:

Cat's outta what bag?

"I'll never tell while the sun is still shining..."

(For bonus points, name the movie I just quoted.... :))