Dallas vs Atlanta


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I have decided to attend the ACPP and am deciding between going to either Dallas or Atlanta. Anyone have any opinions on either location? It is about the same distance from my home to each so that really isn't a factor. Just have to pick one or the other and was wondering if one might be preferable to another besides just personal preference. Thanks
It depends on what you are looking for. With both locations you will travel to distant locations on your cross-countries. Atlanta seems to be popular with people who live in the surrounding area.
Did you ever decide on a location and go through training? I am trying to decide ATL or Dallas myself now..

ATL is about 4.5 hours from home.. Dallas is like 8... Man, decisions.
Doubtful you will have time to go home during the program. From DFW you can easily hit both coasts during the XC phase.

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True.. I've also heard that being based in ATL, will allow me to get down to JAX more.. Which inturn, could get my "face known" around JAX and maybe help me get a job with ATP later.. So, I've been thinkin about that.. I've also been thinking about which location would give me the most Northeast flying.. My dad reccomends I get as much time in the Northeast as possible as it's high density, the controllers expect you to be on your game moreso than other places and they are some of the hardest controllers to get along with..
Or so I hear..
Controllors up here in the Northeast are usually pretty good, you just have to be on your game. I've never had a problem asking NY approach for flight following on a VFR trip...they're usually pretty accomodating.
I just posted on Tram's thread about Dallas or Atlanta and I think Dallas is the better location. Disregard my swayed opinion due to my employment there........LOL!! I got my training in Dallas and now instruct there. You will find that the examiner in Dallas is VERY FAIR and that is all you can ask for. If you put in the necessary work required for the program, there is NO REASON why you shouldn't go 7-7 in the checkride department. Catch my drift? Dallas has all the new Seminoles too. And as for your comment about being close to JAX...........please you can forget that. You don't need to meet anybody. When you are done with the program, fax in your resume and check in every couple of weeks to update your resume. That will be more than enough to get you in provided that you are a pleasure to work during your cross-country phase. If you have any questions about Dallas feel free to drop me a line. LATA.
Yeh, I was all set to go to Dallas.. Then somehow I got persuaded to go to ATL.. I guess my family is closer and they could fly in the for the "weekend" or something if I had some time..

I guess what I need to figure out is.. In all honesty.. How much "off time" would I get? I know it's a BUSY schedule and off time isn't really preplanned.. You sorta get it or you don't.. However, they could fly in for say dinner, we could go eat and then they could go home or whatever...

Tough decisions...