Hey Dak,

Give the fans an update. What are you up to? Where did you finish your training. Start with when you left Pan Am.

hey, whats up. well, i left back last october and moved back to Buffalo to finish my training. took me almost 6 months to get back to flying after returning north, but i eventually got back into it and recieved my CFI in June 03. i'm presently doing the freelance CFI thing, i've got two FBO's that i use for renting in the WNY area. One has a single C152, and the other has the entire cessna lineup pretty much, including a beech duchess. the 152 is a lot closer to where i live, but being the fatass i am it can rarely carry my student and I, and have enough useful to allow for more than a 1/2 hour of fuel. so when i have to i like to cruise down to the other FBO and rent one of their brand new 172SP's. the planes are really nice down there, and i am insured with them so it works out well. unfortunetly the weather is starting to get a little nasty up here so things are a little slow. so, in the meantime i'm working as a server for some extra cash to try and stay on the nice side of my creditors. so, all n' all thats my exciting life as of late.