CVG Crashpad/Room for Rent for 1 Female


$180 Per Month, $150 deposit. Month to month rental agreement must be signed with landlord. No credit check. Stay as little or as often as you need to.

30 Min (all interstate) drive from CVG Intl. Located in Milford Ohio. You will need a vehicle as public transit would require a two hour bus ride to and from airport which would not work for a reserve crewmember. Traffic is rarely a problem to and from Airport.

Room for rent for female pilot or f/a. Room is in one bedroom apartment which is the entire second floor of a two family home. Share apartment with ROA based pilot. I'm home about 10 to 14 days a month and sleep in the living room when there. The furnished bedroom would be yours alone with the exception of some shared storage.

Apartment has fully equipped kitchen, washer-dryer, big screen TV surround sound system, digital cable with movie channels and On Demand. Broadband Internet with wireless access. Lot's of music, movies and books to kill the fits of boredom.

Located close to shopping, restaurants and bars all within a short walk. Safe middle-class greenbelt neighborhood. Great neighbor downstairs. Quiet when you want quiet, and problem and complaint free if you want to be loud. Secure off street parking. Fitness trail and parks within walking distance.

email: if interested


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100% off subject...

Were you the PDT FO that almost got on the wrong CRJ out of E7 in CLT the other day when you were trying to go to CVG?


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My, uhhh, buddy got on the wrong Dash when he was based in TYS and trying to commute to work from CLT. He came about 10 seconds from ending up in ROA that afternoon.