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Ive been reading alot of negative things about Pan Am for a few months. I still decided to attend and I am currently very satisfied with my training. I am currently just finishing my PPL. I have gone over the on PPL guideline by about 15 hours. So I guess Im a little over budget but nothing to drastic. I am very satisfied with my instructor also who I feel plays a large role in how you feel about Pan Am. To follow the PPL syllabus exact is pretty hard at least for me I had my share of RT's. But nobody said learning to fly is cheap or easy. Everyone learns at a different pace. Im about in the middle for my class that started. I see a lot of gripes with the administration but here at DVT they have been very gracious to me. I had to take a leave of absence for a few weeks and it was sudden I left on the same day and they told me to take all the time I need and I could pick up where I left of when I get back. So I feel the admin cares about me as a student at least in my case. Im not sure what it was like a few years ago but I dont see any real problems. My briefing times are not outrageous my instructor gives me my moneys worth easily. This is just my story so far. Please dont bash this post because I always hear on this board how you want a current students opinion. I feel my decision to attend Pan Am was a good choice. Ive also asked about being hired as a CFI after my training and I was told by my instructor who I trust quite a bit that he's only seen one student not get hired to be a CFI at PanAm.
Thank You!!! I've been tossing Pan Am and Flight Safety around in my head for a while and It's good to see someone with an honest post. Lets hope the bashing doesn't start. I still have a year to go before I actually have to choose but at least I don't have to rule out PAN AM now...

Please keep us (me) informed about your training.

Thank You!!! I've been tossing Pan Am and Flight Safety around in my head for a while and It's good to see someone with an honest post. Lets hope the bashing doesn't start

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HAWK- I don't doubt for one minute that what like2fly said was the truth for him. However you saying that it's finally an honest post implies that the haters were lyin- come on bro, be realistic. I was just like you- I listened to what I wanted to hear, but when it wasn't somethin I didn't want to hear I ignored it or believed it was a lie. All I'm tryin to say is BE CAREFULL with your decisions and just cause one guy likes/dislikes something doesn't mean you will like/dislike it. Good luck-
For some reason you sounds like they definetly have their [expletive deleted] together down in AZ but not in FL.....everyone that writes about their training their seems very happy and that is way cool!!!! Why such a difference between the two schools????
Good point KeepHopeAlive09. Anyway, like2fly, I'm glad your having a good experience there so far. However, I did too when I first started. At first glance, Pan Am is wonderful. Keep us informed on how your doing and I'll be very interested to hear your opinion of the school and the price you've paid once you get a couple ratings there.
well casaosa, the two above posts are dvt panam haters. For there own reasons I'm sure. I went to fpr and finished and had no problem, except that I have now idea how long I will have to wait for students. What are ya going to though?