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I just got done with my commercial single engine land checkride....And boy am I glad I did it early this morning! It's about 800 overcast right now.

Just for reference to others about to take their ride I'll do a short write up of what we talked about during the oral and flying portion of the ride.

First off during the oral while all the paper work was being done we talked about recurring AD's on our Beech Bonanzas. There is only one for ours, the crankshaft at overhaul. Next we talked about the cross country to be flown, I planned from Salina (KSLN) to the Spirit of St. Louis (KSUS).

We then talked about what was required to fly VFR during our trip today. There were thunderstorms around TOP (about 100 miles east of SLN) so I would have to divert around the storms.

The last thing was required equipment. My specific one was the stall warning horn, what would need to be done if you discovered it was inop at an airport other than your home airport with no services available on the field.

We then went into the flight portion. We started off doing pattern work (my choice). Took off doing a short field, landed soft field, took off short field, landed with a glide approach. Then an eastern departure for the xc. I went along on the route to two checkpoints then was divereted to an alternate.

Then it was time for the manuevers. Did slow flight into a power off stall, power on stall with 15 degrees of bank, 1 chandelle, lazy eights, steep spiral and then eights on pylons.

Overall the checkride went great, and today was the first time the examiner ever told me in the aircraft that I passed...They've always kept me waiting in suspense! haha

Hopefully this will help ya'll out. Sorry for my english if it isn't so great!
Congrats on that! I just passed mine 2 months ago, quite a relief isn't it? That's funny, your ride went basically the same as mine in that order.