CSEL Checkride Passed!!


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Completed my CSEL checkride in Daytona Beach this past week.

Had the oral and flight scheduled for Thursday Jul 24 but only did the oral as the plane was grounded from the flight before me :mad:. Completed the flight portion on Tuesday Jul 29.

  • Filled out and completed all the paperwork and went over my logbook a little.
  • Documents required by the pilot and the aircraft.
  • Instruments required for the flight, somewhat of a trick as the DPE didn't want to hear 91.205, only the instruments actually required for our actual flight. (1969 PA28R-180 used)
  • Simple questions regarding the cross country, how far, how long will it take, etc.
  • Airspace and visibility requirements, mainly G and a little about B.
  • All lot of special emphasis areas, taxi instructions, spins, LAHSO, wake turbulence.
  • Aeromedical: vision at night, hypoxia, hyperventilation, CO posioning, diving, oxygen requirements.
  • No systems at all.
  • Normal takeoff and departed Daytona Beach Class C to the north.
  • Enroute to first checkpoint of cross country did Slow flight and Power Off and Power On Stalls and Chandelles
  • Got on course for cross country.
  • Diverted to St Augustine. Got on heading, calculated time and distance and finished that exercise.
  • Emergency descend from 4500' to 1500'.
  • Completed steep turns while maneuvering for the 45 entry for Flagler.
  • Soft field into Flagler.
  • Short takeoff and Landing.
  • At one time there was a total of 8 aircraft on the ground and 4 in the pattern.
  • Power Off 180.
  • Departed to the south and did Eights on Pylons.
  • Nice flight down the beach back to Daytona for 25R.
  • Normal landing and was done.
  • Shut down and he said congratulations.
Overall really smooth and enjoyable actually. Now to start on the CFII :rawk:


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Wait till you do your CMEL. I think my oral was 15 minutes. Beats my shortest oral record 2 hr and 30 for my CFI.