Cruising Beach in South Jersey


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Just cruising down the beach.......


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Ocean City, love that airport! The diner makes the best pancakes and the guy who works inside is very helpful. Fun cross wind landings too.

Thanks for sharing, looks like a fun flight. Flying along the coast never gets old.
can't wait to check it out, moving to jersey soon :pirate:

I'm sure next Spring/Summer you, Pam and Evan will love the boardwalk at Ocean City (or Point Pleasant). Very family-oriented with great places to eat and rides for the little one! :)
Flying about 900' over the water..Took off out of Ocean City and headed up through wildwood.........
Just the other week I got to fly in a GA aircraft for the first time. Got to fly (in the co-pilot's seat) from Woodbine Airport, to Cape May point, back to Woodbine along the shore. Great view from 1,800 ft.