CRJ jobs overseas


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Any one know about CRJ jobs overseas, excluding the middle east? can't seem to find to many of these anymore, especially ones that don't reqire PIC time or 3000+ total. Any help?


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Not sure if you are looking for contract flying jobs or not. There aren't a whole lot of CRJ flying jobs overseas, especially if you don't want to go to the Middle East or Africa. If you want to go to Europe, you will need a JAA liscense. As far as contract jobs, one of my co-workers is going to Nigeria to fly over there for Arik Air. They fly CRJ-900s and Dash 8-400Qs. But is is Nigeria!! One of my friends at Horizon did some contact flying (CRJ-900) in South America (Uruguay) for PLUNA. It is a 3 month contract and they pay $7k/month, BUT the company that handles that is Avionco, and they don't have a very good reputation. People not getting paid, etc. Do a search on the internet, and you'll find lots of info.


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Grand China Express is advertising on climbto350 for EMB

Avionco is advertising for CRJ guys down in South America (climbto350) and in Yemen.

ive seen lots more for asia. browse the job boards and contracting sites.