Cramped Flights, Fatal Blood Clots


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First of all, it's not the airlines fault that this happens. DVT, blood clots, & airlines are not related. This guy looks like a business man from what I have heard on the news this evening & he probably travels often meaning that he should know this type of stuff by now. You see, he's just trying to take the easy way out by sueing to get money. Okay, why sue American. Why not sue an airline who has 31" or 32" seats onboard. Also, fly another airline instead. Or maybe, upgrade to first class. Or perhaps, walk around the cabin. Yes, it's a little bit harder on the regionals, but you probably won't be on the them long. On larger airplanes, such as 767's or even F100's or MD-80's, I sure don't have a problem moving about the cabin & I'm 6' 1 or 2" tall. I mean, come on........................
Deep vein thrombosis is real... and THAT"S scary.