Cover Letter Help


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Think someone can help me with my cover letter? Its ok the way that I see it now.

Basically im excited to work with you i bring professionalism blah blah

a lttle about my past work experience with my first flying job bush piloting blah blah blah

thanks for your time look forward to being a member of your team
blah blah blah
heres my number yeah.

thats about it :)

can someone maybe post a copy of a successful cover letter?


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It's one way. Not the only way...

As you know the purpose of a cover letter is to highlight: the position you desire, the qualifications you have pertaining to that position, your experience. The format is up to you as to how you make each of those stand out.

If you think the HR person is most looking for an applicant whose character is the main defining trait, you might emphasis that in prose.

If you think the HR person is most looking for applicable flight times and ratings, you might highlight that by putting in a bullet point list - to attract immediate attention to it.

You have about 8 seconds to grab the recruiter's attention. How are you going to bring their reading eye focus to your most desirable traits they are looking for?


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Mine went something like this.

I'm applying for so and so position with so and so airline.

I bring this to the table and that's why I'll make a great FO.

My last experience blah blah

Here are my flight hours.


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Mine was two paragraphs with two sentences each with my flight time broken down with total, multi, pic, night time and cross country....just the pertinent apt mins. I told them my résumé was attached for further review.