Couple Questions


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I have an Aug 4th start date at Daytona.

My wife and I just moved down to Port Orange so I can begin my flight training. Would I be able to fly and pick up some friends/family and bring them down here while I burn some X-country flight time? I don't know if that is allowed but I could pick them up at RIC which is an ATP airport.

I was told we would fly seven days a week. What kind of schedule can I expect?

I have had a really horrible experience with Sallie Mae so far and Im wondering how that company is when you start repaying your loans?




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No you can't pick anyone up to fly with you while at ATP. The only other people in ANY ATP piston aircraft are instructors and another student during the XC phase. That's it. No buts. Your schedule is between you and your instructor. When I instructed I printed out a calendar for my students with every pairing code, flight, ground and sim session on it (subject to minor changes of course). Sallie Mae? I have them on auto-pay so I never talk to them.


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Im a 90 day student at KRAL.

You arent allowed to have anyone else in the aircraf besides students, instructors and mechanics.

As far the schedule, there are some weeks when you will be in there 7 days a week, other time you may only go in for a couple hours. Depends on where you are in the program and if you fall behind or not.


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I am in Daytona, you will like it, the facilities are nice and it's a great airport to be at. The tower stays very busy, if you can get in and around Daytona on the radios, you won't have a problem anywhere else.

I have been here a week and flew for 5 days and I have today off. Flying again in the morning.

Are you doing your private here or just the ACPP?


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Im here for the PPL and ACPP. I have about 25 logged hours towards a PPL but I was not able to finish due to $ back in the fall of 07.

I figured DAB would force me to fly full speed into the world of aviation communication. I am used to flying in all Class E airpsace and one landing at a Class D airport.

Gonna head up to the airport this week or next just to check it out and find out if there is anything else I need to be doing before my start date.


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No they are not going to allow you to pick anyone up in the airplanes, as you have read it is only students, instructors, and mechanics. I trained at the ATL facility and we had to be there 7 days a week. Sometimes we would have the weekend off and once you get to past the x-country portion it seemed to lighten up some. If nothing else your x-country phase will be 7 days a week unless when you call they tell you to study for your written tests, which you have to have done with 25 days of you 302 ride. I really dont know anything about Sallie Mae, my loan is with Wachovia.