Could comedy be damaging to a flying career?


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So after much encouragement from a comedian uncle and his friends, I've decided to get my name out there as a comic and make some more money for flying. I've actually been contacted by a few people in the industry after my act at the talent show my senior year became largely popular on youtube. I have no doubt that I can do well in this field, however I am getting strong advice from my pilot buddies that this is career suicide.

My comedy is largely a reflection of outrageous stories of things I have done. While my pilot buddies agree it is hilarious, they warn me that if I ever go big and everyone hears this stuff, my judgment may be questioned and I may be viewed as unstable, even if everything is obviously exaggerated in the routine.

To me, that is ridiculous. In my personal life, I'll always be the 3 year old who just go the big red tricycle on xmas. But I take my professional life very seriously, and I take flying and the professionalism associated with it very seriously as well. However, the line must be drawn somewhere as to what can stop a flying career before it ever leaves the ground. I do not smoke, drink, or do any drugs. Never have. But I am being told that despite all of that, having a comical reputation for doing wild and outrageous things will affect my chances in an interview? I argue that if I show complete competency in the interview and am fully qualified for the job, comedy I have done in the past should not be a factor in my chance at landing the job.

Any thoughts from those of you who have already made it to the other end of the tunnel?
Trust me, ask anyone on here who knows me well like Joe or Alec and they'll agree that I'm wild enough sober. Me drunk, now THAT is a scary thought.
Nah, go for it. There's a UAL guy that I know who did stand up comedy and apart from the furlough, the last I heard, he's been doing alright.

Do it. Just be funny.
Why don't you tell us one of these stories that you're concerned about?

Eh I'm relatively new at where people don't know me well yet. I don't really want come across as an idiot just yet. You can watch the vid that started all this. I'm in the pink.
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You don't watch South Park do you? Because I knew a guy who knew guy that got turned down for a job at an airline after they asked him if he had ever watched South Park and he told that he indeed had once accidentally seen one part of one episode while looking at TVs in a Best Buy in Idaho. Watching South Park is career suicide.

Have you ever scratched your balls? The airlines hate guys who scratch their balls. What if you're on short final while the planes on fire and loaded up with ice and you suddenly need to scratch your balls? People who scratch their balls when they feel the need to do so are statistically more dangerous in this situation so its widely known that the airlines frown on ball scratchers.

And don't get me started about the career suicide of people who enjoy grape jelly on their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or people who drive red cars or people who are named Richard but use Dick as their casual name. Career suicide every last one of them.*

* May contain sarcasm.
Yeah, what Doug said. If you're not funny youre finished. You might as well start flying kites for a living because that would be funny.

Alright, you guys have pretty much confirmed what I was thinking that its not going to matter. Just needed confirmation. Thanks.
heck, if anything, you could always say these are someone else's stories and still be funny!
So what is the deal with airplane peanuts?

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I think you should go apply to Southwest. They HATE people who aren't 100% professional in everything they do.

On a side note, post a video of your act, I'd love to see this!
Nah, go for it. There's a UAL guy that I know who did stand up comedy and apart from the furlough, the last I heard, he's been doing alright.

Do it. Just be funny.

There is also a Fedex pilot that's a pretty popular comedian.... he's a regular on Bob and Tom.