Cost of off-campus housing at Daytona?


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Hello folks.. I am considering going to ER and am wondering something. If I dont dorm there, what would be the cost of a single bedroom apartment in the area? I live alone now in New Jersey and go to school in New York. I pay about $800 (an extreme bargain) for a large single bedroom place with a view of the river and city.. I hear housing costs are much less in FL?

Btw, are the dorms reccomended? I've never dormed because when I started going to college I didnt think I could handle roomates. Now, I might have changed my mind but am still not sure about it. Thanks!
I checked into the housing department, and was told that if you are a beginning Freshman, and are under 21 YO, you must dorm with other students. If you are over 21, it is still recommended that you dorm, but they have off campus housing that will cost about twice as much as the dorms. The cost of living in Florida is not even close to where you are living, and if I'm not mistaken (I plan on confirming this with the housing department today), you can finance your apt through ERAU. I am going to call them once agian today and get some more of the low down, then go there from Calif for a visit before applying for admission for their flight training and MS program.

Look forward to seeing you at FL390