Cost of Living in Vero??


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I am planning a trip to take a tour in about four weeks (Comair & Flight Safety) and I was wondering what to expect as far as living accomodations. I've heard that the living provided by FS is expensive, so I plan on looking for an off-campus apt in the area.
I'm looking for some kind of idea as to how much I will pay for a pretty nice 2 BR apt. Or, would a house be better to rent. I am coming alone, so I will need roommates either way.
Another question...Do people work at all while they're in school? Even part-time, or restaurant jobs?
Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Hi GlennB, If you choose FSI, when do you think you'll be starting?. Im starting Nov. 5 and have been looking for apartments in Vero Beach. Some of the apartments have an income requirement and will not rent to full time students. The Pines at Vero is A very nice place with pool/fitness facility. I think its $680 for 2bed 2 bath and some utilities. $610 for a 1 bedroom. I think I might get a two bed apt. and see if I can get a roommate when im down here. You can get a much nicer place when splitting the costs with a roommate.


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Hey TrcB,
I am not sure when I'm going to start yet, but I am flying to ORL in 3 weeks to check out Comair and, more importantly, Flight Safety. But I was thinking that I would be ready by the start of the Nov classes. Are you from the area, or are you looking on the internet for someplace to live?

Feel free to send me an email and we can talk about it.
Hey all! I am starting FSI Aug. 6 and from what I can tell, Vero is a fairly inexpensive place to live.

Vero housing--I may or may not have this web address correct, but I think it is

I saw it in another FSI field, but I don't remember where.

See you all down there.

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I was down in Feb. and the best housing deal we found was Canterbury Place. Somewhere around six a month for a two bedroom fully applianced., Central A/C, wahser, dryer, dishwasher. 1/2 to 3/4 mile from the school. Want more info? Feel free to e-mail me at For your info, I'm hoping to start in Jan. Best of luck. Hope to see you there.
Hey all!
Thought I haven't done any of the paper work yet, I hope to be at FSI either in November or December.
Hope to see you there!!