Corporate sticks


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But you just don't wake people up in the crew lounge without discerning first that they're who you're looking for. ...If I wanted to listen to Fox News at volume "11", I'd have turned it on myself.

Other peeves:
  • Pilots sleeping in the pilot lounge's "TV room" (Go to the snooze room).
  • Line guys sleeping in the snooze room and surfing the net in the pilot lounge.


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Standing outside the hotel waiting for a redeye pickup, some guy handed the capt the keys to his car and $5.00. Capt pocketed the money and left the keys in the ignition.
Oh hell, I've been handed more bags than you'd believe! Some lady wanted to fight with me about loading her luggage one day in Ft. Lauderdale.

I usually have fun with it though. Flew with a very young female FO to AMS a few weeks (months?) ago and I went out to say goodbye to passengers. We keep a count of the confused looks, the "double takes" and the "Could one of you tell the pilots that it was a good flight?" :) Mostly Americans, sadly.


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I've gotten the "are you workin' our flight today" from passengers in the terminal before. :)

I take it as a compliment. This salty freight dawg cleans up nice!:D