Corporate Pilots


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How hard is it to become a corporate pilot now-a-days? Anyone know of any minimums for a particular place?


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Depends on the corporation. Some hire low time time guys, most don't. For a real corporate job I'd say you'd need a solid 2500 to 3500 hours with alot of multi turbine time.



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It's 90% who you know. If you know the right people and have a commercial license you can get hired.

[/ QUOTE ]

It is 90% of who knows *you*..

huge difference actually.


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The hard part isn't the flying, it's knowing about the jobs. A lot of those jobs are filled by word of mouth. Joe at XYZ Corporation knows Tom who has a commercial and 500 hours and so they give Tom a call and hire him, while Steve has 1500 hours, 500 multi and he doesn't get a call.

But seriously, what else is new? That's kind of the way the rest of the world works, so why should aviation be any different?


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Tony, love the Capt. Picard quote!

And yes, the aviation industry is no different. Who you know, who knows you, right place at the right time, luck of the draw, six of one and a half dozen of another etc...