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Corporate Pilatus PC-12 Pilot for U-Haul


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Job Description:
Corporate Pilatus PC-12 Pilot, minimum 1500 hours TT, 1000 turbine, strong mechanical background, A&P preferred, Phoenix based.

Required Skills/Attributes:
Customer service, Computers (basic general knowledge), Microsoft Word, Excel (spreadsheets

Minimum Requirements:
Minimum 1500 hours TT
1000 turbine
Strong mechanical background
A&P preferred



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Do you have info on pay, schedule or how much flying they do?

Edit: Did a little digging. Found a 1998 Pilatus PC-12, registration N230PG. Must be the plane, unless they have more than one. Pulled it up on flightaware, seems like they do quite a bit of flying. Not sure why they show PHX as a base. Maybe I'll throw in an app.


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I've never in my pilot training learned which is the appropriate way to hold an adjustable wrench, when tightening a nut. So I guess they'll just delete my app.


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Asked the typical questions that I guess most non-flying people need to answer. The questions were perhaps a result of the 'skills' that I claimed, i.e. mechanical competencies, inventory tracking (how many beers are in fridge) etc.

Very easy questions compared to any typical IQ/aptitude test. But also very different, in that they apply to u-haul labor requirements.


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I wonder if they tell you to fly the PC-12 cross country, but that you can't go over 100kts.

Sorry, couldn't resist.


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Uhaul is a decent company to fly for according to the pilot I talked to. The pay was in the $60,000 range. You do a 7 on, 7 off style work schedule and you are airlined to the airplane at the start of your schedule and airlined home at the end. You fly a lot. I would be interested in working for them. The Pilatus is a great airplane, but U-Haul's looks pretty worn.



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I submitted the application, but as mentioned above, it was just a generic job application asking non-aviation questions. Anyone know of an e-mail address where I can send an actual resume to?


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The Pilatus PC-12 is an cool looking bird. There is a Pilatus dealer over at F70 (French Valley) where I did most of my PPSEL training. I'd go as far as to say that the PC-12 is my favorite single engined Turboprop airplane. I would jump at the chance to fly one.


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I wonder if they tell you to fly the PC-12 cross country, but that you can't go over 100kts.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
:laff: Having just moved using U-Haul..I cannot resist either....

Part of your responsibilities include neatly folding all the blankets in the back of the plane or you get charged a $25 cleaning fee.

The cargo hatch has a decal on it that says "Moms' attic".

You have to fill out a "Previous damage" sheet each time you fly.

The side of the plane has a decal of North Dakotas' largest ball of twine.