Corporate Air


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Just looking for some info on schedules, pay, etc... Also, do you get to choose where you are based, or is that based on the needs of the company? I see their mins are 2000 TT, understand that's a FedEx requirement, so I assume it's pretty pointless to throw in an app now at a little under 1300 TT?

Any info would be appreciated!
Speaking of purple feeders in general, they only hire for positions that are available at the time. They prefer someone local or someone who doesn't mind staying there awhile. 2000TT is firm.
2000TT is a must. If you want to get into freight earlier, try Flight Express in the 210's out of Florida.
I think I've mentioned it before, but Corporate Air is your typical FedEx Feeder in it's mainland bases. Honolulu is the hybrid base because of the USPS contract. 5 on 2 off, out in the mornings with freight, return in the evenings with freight. Usually less than 10hr duty days. Payscale is better than regional pay, but not close to Majors. On average, the majority of the captains I've run into are older retired airline and/or ex mil and some of us young bucks building 135 Single Pilot Turbine PIC. Great having aircraft owned and maintained by FedEx. Solid equipment, the G600 and TKS packages really work well. It's hardly work unless your in Grand Forks or Great Falls in the winter time. I can't call it work out here in Honolulu. I do get up at 0230 for 0335 show times running the USPS contract, however. That kinda feels like work. If you have other specific Q's, PM me!

Good Luck!