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So, I'm going to ride the train down to SAN and take the ferry over to Coronado. Not taking my bike this time. Never been. Thought there might be a Naval museum but not seeing anything on the web. What's to see and do in Coronado? I'll have a few hours and want to check out the beach. Will be on foot starting at the ferry dock. Bars/restaurants/museums/points of interest? Did I mention a good place to drink beer?
Not sure about a Naval Aviation Museum actually on base but the USS Midway across the harbor is really cool
Coronado Brewing Company will fulfill the search for beer and you can eat there. It's on Orange between 1st and 2nd (closer to 2nd) right near the ferry landing. I recommend riding the ferry outside on the upper deck for the best panoramic views. There's a whole little market place of shops at the landing and some restaurants. It's "touristy" though, but still fun. The Hotel Del is wonderful, but just to look at without staying there, may not worth it if you are limited on transportation and time. If you ever get a chance to stay there, do it. It's really terrific and has great food. There are a couple of places to rent a bike and that might be worth while. There is a Museum of History and Art also on Orange Ave like about 9 blocks or so up from the Brewing Company, and it does have an exhibit about the history of the Navy there. The Silver Strand state beach is pretty damn nice too. Spreckles Park is right on 6th and Orange also, and it's really nice. I think it's the largest park on the island and they have art exhibits and concerts and all kind of things going on.

Here's a link to the museum:
Yeah, Hotel Del is one of my favorite bars ever. Tons of awesome spots by the fire to drink delicious chardonnays by the setting sun, and occasionally see the errant out of town Hornet that hasn't heard of the restriction to not overfly hotel del on approach to rwy 29. If you have access to base, the I Bar is also a great stop, and there is some good golfing around the "island" as well. Lots of good restaurants/bars/shops/parks and whatnot to peruse. The whole place is almost like you are on a movie set, it is so manicured and the fauna is so out of place for SD which is naturally basically a desert. I am not aware of an aviation museum, but that doesn't mean that there isn't one.....I just really only ever went down to party with friends who lived there, so I didn't do a whole lot of tourist stuff.
Not sure about a Naval Aviation Museum actually on base but the USS Midway across the harbor is really cool

Yep, I highly recommend the USS Midway. I also loved the Maritime Museum , which happens to be in very close proximity to Midway. The Russian submarine as well as USS Dolphin were really neat experiences.
I've done the Midway multiple times. I echo it's awesomeness. I had a seasons pass membership for the last year but I think it just ran out.

It looks like I need to visit the brewery and the hotel bar. Will also check out the museum of history and art. I don't have access to the base so that's a no go. Thanks for the great advice so far. Keep it coming.
I did the Midway, didn't have enough time to really go thru it totally unfortunately. And, I'd say, while it is from Top Gun, if you like BBQ, check out Kansas City BBQ right down there too. Good food, closest to actually BBQ from KC as I've seen outside of there.
There's a place called "The Little Club" right next to a laundromat. It'll be full of salty senior and master chiefs wanting to tell sea stories to whoever will listen. Then again, I haven't been around there much since I left the Kitty Hawk in 1993.....