Corning Incorporated Pilot


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As I was looking around I found this. It looks good .

Job Title: Pilot

Reference Number: 173411


Required Skills:

  • Minimum of 2,500 flight hours.
  • Commercial, Multi engine and instrument ratings.
  • FAA First Class Medical.
  • 2 year college degree.

Education and Experience:

  • 2,500 flight hours, commercial, multi engine and instrument rating with FAA first class medical.
Don't know anything about Corning's flight department, but that req posting looked suspiciously like it was written with the intent of creating a job for a particular individual.
I fly into Elmira/Corning several times a month, they have a pretty good size flight department, incl. Falcons and a few Dorniers they use as corporate shuttles. I applied to this job 2-3 times already never heard anything, not even a No, thanks e-mail. These corporate jobs go pretty quick to specific individuals.
I just checked the link. There's a pilot opening right now.
Let me restate that in the proper context... I just checked the link. There's a pilot opening right now.
What that guy meant was that jobs like these they still open the pilot link up for the standard week or two, but they already have in mind the candidate who will be selected to interview and get the job.