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Hey, i'm sure a bunch of you have already seen this, but I was browsing ATP's site and noticed this

Has a listing of a bunch of regionals with all the information you could want for applying.. How many recent hires/projected hires, pay scales, whether they are accepting resumes.. etc.

It looks like ATP has done some nice work getting the info, so check it out if you haven't already, useful stuff!
FO Pay = ramen noodles/PBJ^ OR Hey Mom, what's for dinner..... I heard if you volunteer at a local church to help feed the homeless, they sometimes let you eat too???? Not sure though.....
Ramen Noodles and Kraft Mac and Cheese.

When you have money to splurge buy some spaghetti os.
I am the most senior living in my refridgerator box. Looks great with the new flower box and no lawn to cut. Easy to up and move at a moments notice.

Reality!!!!!! I am about to retire from a job in the USAF that will get me entry level baggage huffer in the airlines. Looking to finish my ratings and earn something to keep me alive while flying. Way too may road blocks out there for me --
1. I'll be 40 when I drive out of the gate at my current base
2. Mortgage and bills to take care of and I don't have one of those wife things people talk about as far as 2nd income
3. I'll be 40 and can't mooch off my family
4. I'll be 40 and my health could turn at a drop of a dime and I'll loose all income from flying
5. How the heck can I get the $$$$$$ for this kind of school with my bills, a mortgage, and only a $1,400.00 retirement check as income.
6. I'd have to earn about 36K just to keep myself from going bankrupt.

I think that covers the initial concerns. I've spoke to just about all the schools and they tell me that it's tough the 1st year and then things get better. Here come that fridge box again.....
Kraft mac & cheese? Back when I was a musician living in hollywood, (80's) I could not afford kraft. it was generic (ralphs mostly) and we made it with no butter or milk, just water baby! Talk about gross, That is why I feel I have a good chance at making it in aviation, this career choice is stabill compared to the music industry and I already know how to live on a 1/4 of a shoe string.
"no butter or milk"


I'm just good in that I like Ramen a lot (who doesn't?).. So I can eat it a good deal.

Also good old Uncle Ben's rice when you need a dollar a box for 2-3 meals.

Still doesn't meet 1 dollar for 6-7 packs of ramen.
You're all a bunch of spoiled sissies! Kraft Mac and Cheese is a delicacy. Iv'e been thumbing through the garbage downtown, and if I'm lucky if I can find an empty pizza box to lick.
I was in a band that use to wait until 2am, when the local Carl's Junior would throw out all the burgers that sat under the heat lamps until closing, and retrieve them from the dumpster. God I'm so glad I gave up my musical career!