Cool day today checking out a Citation Bravo


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Today went to lunch with a family friend who is a captain for a fractional jet operation and his FO who were in town for a drop off and quick turn around. After lunch, I took them to their airplane, a veeery nice Citation Bravo and got to help preflight and generally snoop around, sit up front and admire the view. Needless to say, it was very cool and the guys were very accommodating with my barrage of questions.

I love my kids like nothing else, but today was one day I wish I did not have to play Daddy. Since they were without passengers on a deadhead to pick up the next client, they asked if I wanted to go along
That was the hardest "No, I can't" I've ever had to say
. I would have hitched a ride back home in the back of a cattle car to take that trip. Oh well! still a fun day.