converting my CFI/CFII to JAA


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I have an open avenue right now to possibly instruct in europe which would require me to convert my CPL/IR and FI, FII.

The organization has offered compensation for all the conversions, however I'm curious about the pros and cons of doing this.

Has anyone ever converted their ratings like this? How long would it take?

Any ideas or suggestions or experiences I would seriously appreciate.

This is probably a life altering, career shaping decision and I wouldn't like to make it lightly.


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Hi there!! Well I am mexican but with european roots and I tried doing that but I still have to do this:

To convert the professional FAA pilot’s certificate to the European JAR-FCL Professional License requires a pass in 14 JAR-FCL theoretical knowledge examinations and to pass the skill test for CPL or ATPL and IR and also you would have to obtain the JAR-FCL class one medical certificate.

Thats the response I got from them, anyway its the as the FAR but you know those europeans think they are much better yet we fly the same all around the world. Their exam includes more about converting into meters, and some other stuff I forgot, its the same thing but with britain's english.
Heres the email, that guy can help you out, just email him and you should get a response quick. Btw, he is in Germany.