Controversial Question?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I don't think that's a controversial question at all!
Anything you do in life you want to be sure of it, but you can always change!
I wanted to be a musician, and majored in it in college, but after 3 years of not "making it", I decided I wanted to pursue my flying dreams. Now, I'm out of money, so I have to wait to get my CFI rating to likely find a flying job, the Air Force won't return my calls, the Navy says I'm too old to fly, and it's going to be a long road ahead of me.
So I'm not 100% certain I want to put myself through a lot financially and emotionally only to never make it, but I still keep plugging along - because nothing compares to that magical moment when you're going down the runway, and rotate, and just magically lift off into the air; and nothing's as satisfying as making a beautiful landing (especially with a pretty girl on board that's impressed by it!!!!!!!!)

How far are you into your training? How old are you?? I'm 28, and have my commercial w/multi and IFR, and if I never make it professionally, I'll still have the skills I've learned to be able to do something I love to relax and stress-reduce from whatever job I might be doing to pay the bills.

I think there are always good and bad aspects about every job, I would be more concerned if they were dead set on flying and did not think things like furloughs, being away from family and friends, jetlag, living in hotels, are going to be unplesant!

I have had pretty good non-aviation jobs up to now and I just became a CFI. I look at the next year of CFI work as part of the decision-making process.

The way i figure it, if after a year I dont want to go any further, then at least I will be a heck of a better pilot, and I can go back to my previous career and not be saddled with "if only I went into aviation"... musings.

I cant imagine that there aren't people out there who loved flying so much that they tried it out as a job an d then decided that really they just wanted to be good at it as a hobby, and returned. Who knows, maybe I will be one of those people, or maybe not. Only one way to find out.....

Do you think that if you are uncertain you want to be a pilot than it is not the job for you?

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To answer your question with one word, I would have to say yes, and here's why...

I don't know how far into your training you are, and if you’re just beginning, give it some time before quitting. However, if you feel like your really not enjoying flying or aviation in general I would say drop it as a career choice, and just fly as a hobby. The reality is we all know about the ups and downs of this industry, and if you’re not enjoying it, then why put up with it as a career choice.

When deciding what you want to do for a living, you need to pick something you know you'll enjoy, at least for the most part, for the next forty or fifty years. If you don’t, you’ll surely regret it for the rest of your life…
There are some major downsides to this career. I think doubt is natural at times. Most of us think about flying when we wake up and continue thinking about flying until we go to bed. We feel that we would not be happy doing anything that dosn't involve flying of some type. Still, and I can at least speak for myself, doubt tends to set in at times. Even so, I will give it my best shot and I'll tell you why. I don't want to wait until its too late before I realize that it is what I want. I don't want to be 55 years old thinking about how I would be senior captain at a major airline had I followed my dream. I acknowledge the possbility that I may not be able to find a job, I may get furloughed, I may lose my medical, I may washout of flight training, and I may even decide that I don't like flying for a living and quit. But I would rather learn that the hard way. I would rather end up tens of thousands of dollars in debt and have to start over with another career than to not even try. At least then I would know that flying is not for me, and I won't kick myself for the rest of my life. I don't know exactly how you feel about flying for a living. I don't know if you are as passionate about it as some of us are. Does my testimony describe you? If so, you may never forgive yourself if you don't at least give it a shot. Don't let a little bit of doubt stand in your way because it is natural. Its just like cold feet before you get married. But if you are really unsure that's a different story. If you think I'm crazy and you can't relate than you may want to look at other career possibilities. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide.