Contract training facilities outside of OKC?


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So, I read somewhere (keep in mind, rumors tend to flourish on these forums) that one of the "possible" causes of delayed class dates might be the FAA "contracting" academy training out to other places. Of course, I took this with a grain of salt, until one of my co-workers threw this at me...

He lives in Elwood, KS, right off of Rosecrans Memorial (KSTJ), and claims that there's a new building that proudly displays "Air Traffic Control Training Facility," or something to that specific tune. I haven't been over to see it myself, it's on my to-do list, but it does make the gears turn.

Rosecrans is an extremely small (mostly military, more specifically Air National Guard I believe) facility, but there is a tower, and it is right outside of the KMCI B airspace. I'm wondering if this new building is for military purpose only, or if there might be some sort of truth behind this all :D

Anyone with any input, please lemme have it!

*Edit* - I will be asking around and investigating this myself, but the guy is pretty punctual, so I'm sure it does indeed exist :)