Contract Pilots & Health Insurance


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Since it looks like I'm headed back to the world of "contract pilots" when my furlough comes (though full time this time), I'm going to be needing some insurance.

It's just me and the wife. We're more concerned with quality rather than cheap (though a combination of the two is certainly nice) and I'd like to make sure there's something there in case we decide to have children in the near-ish future. ...which is a distinct possibility.

To be honest, we have great plans here but I'm sure they're going to be cost prohibitive for me to purchase myself and I haven't worked in the industry (insurance sales) for a few years so I really don't know what's out there, to be honest.

So...what are you guys using?

-mini is a great tool. Personally I go for the catastrophic. Basically, anything under 5k in a year is on you. Doc usually gives a huge cash discount(at least 50%) and you are covered if anything big happens. I am generally healthy and this has saved me thousands. That site lets you compare and search and is easy to use.