Continental side hiring


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Word on the street is sCO will be hiring for a January class. (10 people) Remember CO has 2 dispatch assistance that will take 2 - so that leaves 8 openings.

Expecting to have the position posted in couple of week.

The new hires will be trained on the Phoenix flight planning system.

Best of luck to those that apply
Schedule for lineholders is 5 on 2 off 5 on 3 off, eight hour shifts.

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Cool, one last question, what is the average level of experience for new dispatchers and does the company reward work experience for education?
It varies, when I got hired our class ran the gamut from 1 year to 15 years experience. So all I can say is it just depends.
Posting should be up in a few days - looking for 11 total - 9 disaptchers and 2 assistants - thus with the current assistants moving up that will be 7 and 2.

Best of Luck
I saw you guys mention the Phoenix Flight Planning system? Is it a new fp system?

Also, does anyone know the starting pay?
It is far from a new flight planning system. It will be going away within a year or two and everyone switched over to Sabre. I believe the starting pay is in the range of $4000/month on the Legacy CO contract.
I've heard they do 8 hour shifts, anybody know what the shift times are (i.e. morning from 6 - 2, afternoon from 3 - 11)?
6-2 and 2-10 and 10-6. There are also some 3am and 4am starts along with the noon starts. Assistant Dispatch works 7-5. There are also some 9/10 hour shifts in the mix. The s-UA side works different hours so who knows what the future will hold.
Not bad at all, besides those 3 am starts, so hard to get used to that...

Actually, the 3 AM start lines tend to go fairly senior, as they get extra days off since it's a 9 hour shift - but they are also domestic only so you don't get any international override. Personally, I'd never want to work one - but when you're on a relief line you sometimes don't have a choice (other than creative shift swapping.)
So if I'm not mistaken the assistant position is UA and the dispatch position is CO?
Also how long are you hired on as a assistant for? And what are the hours?