Contacting Tower adjacent to another Class D


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For example -

Flying into Key West, from the east, how do I get through or around the NQX Class D and contact tower in time? Is there a tower to tower handoff?

Or do I just have to go around the NQX airspace?



Well-Known Member does say "intensive military jet activity contact key west approach 124.45"

Pick up flight following. Let them know your route of flight if they haven't asked you already. Approach should hand you off to NQX, and they should hand you off to EYW. Who knows they might keep you high if NQX is busy w/ the jets. Its worth the try. I don't know that area so I can't say for sure.

If it was me...over the top at 2600ft and drop into Key West...but they may not like that.


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The Navy runs the APP Control, so just follow their Directions and you will be ok. Chances are, they will drop you to 2000 ft and swing you wide to come in from the South or West. In fact Every time I have gone there, they have always had me at 2000 ft way early, so just plan on being at 2000 ft . For the most part count on landing RNWY 6. If not then they will either swing you wide and bring you straight in for RNWY 27 from the east, or bring you down at or below 020 and right over the top of the intersecting runways at the Air Station and turn you to land RNWY 27. I think the 3 facilities all Have LOAs in place so APP just points you out to NQX and retains control until you are handed off to EYW. I don't think I have ever actually talked to NQX, but I have heard of it happeneing so don't be surprised if it does happen.


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The slam down from 2600 might not make them happy:


Take a look at the TAC for those suggested VFR flyway routes. You can always call up NQX and ask to transition their airspace landing EYW, and get a quick freq. change over to EYW.

We have the same situation at Dobbins AFB & McCollum Field NW of Atlanta. The class Deltas abut each other. The Dobbins controllers are pretty laid back. I think there is a letter of agreement of some kind to cover arriving/departing traffic.

Watch out for that restricted area to the northeast of Key West.


I drive planes
Ok guys, thanks for the help. I figured approach could just tell me what to do, but was just wondering if there was any special procedure in the AIM that I did'nt know.

Thanks! :)