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I am considering attending SIU in the fall of this year. I was wondering if anyone here is currently enrolled there, or has any info they could share.
Here are the reasons I am considering:
1. I only live about 80 miles away. A commute is not out of the question, so I might not have to relocate my family at this time.
2. I get a 4 year degree plus flight training. If I already held a degree of some sort, I would probably just pursue a flight school. However since I do not, this looks like a good way to "kill 2 birds with 1 stone". I'm 28 now, and would like to move on with this as efficiently as possible.
3. Time. Considering that I should be able to test out of a few of the first year classes, and they say I will receive some credit for having my PPL, it is quite possible with summer classes, that I might be finished in around 3 years. Elsewhere, I would probably be 4 years, plus 1 year in a flight school.

I appreciate any comments or suggestions.
Do you know how much credit they normally allow for having your PPL? If I got my instrument rating before beginning, would that help as well? Because of the commute, I am looking to shave as much time off as I can. I've emailed a couple of names on the website, but haven't received a response. Thanks for your input.
Hey there!

I go to SIU, you're looking at a nice program. Aviation Flight is booked for this fall, but you may come in this fall and take other classes. In the spring you can get into Aviation Flight.

Aviation Flight is a 2 year program and then most students go onto Aviation Management (2 more years) to get a 4 year degree.

Check out our website at:

You can get credit if you have your private pilot's license, definetely!

Once done with your ratings, you can qualify to several internships, etc.

Great campus, great price, location, faculty. I think you'll really like it.

I think we give 8 credits or so for the Private certificate. E-mail Dr. Dave NewMyer (chairman of the aviation department) at:

If you come in with more than a Private pilot's license it is tough to get placed easily into the flight program. I came in with my Commercial/Multi (everything that Flight offers) and just went right into management. Then I did my CFI out here.

I'd suggest just getting your Private amd then becoming an SIU Saluki! Hope this helps.
I'm currently attending SIU off-campus. He taught my last class on aviation safety... just like you said he is quite a funny guy. If you could, tell him that Jose from New River says hello.
Anyone interested in SIU aviation...
It is a very good program, nationally acclaimed...however with any flight training program, there are the "good and bad" sides.
The airplanes are old but well maintained (I should know...I work on them). Too many student's...not enough instructor's and airplanes. BUT, for the MOTIVATED can get through the flight program in two years. (I will graduate in 2 1/2years...with my bachelor's and all my certificates and ratings). The best thing about SIU is the opportunities for Internships with the Airlines (which all but grants an interview once you meet the minimums). But, like any big investment...look around, do some comparative shopping, I think you will find SIU to be one of the better "deals" in the country.
Good luck in your search.