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Hey guys, as most of you know i go to University of Oklahoma. For my first year i've been an aviation major-professional pilot track. However i've been thinking about switching to aviation major- aviation management. The main reason im thinking of doing it is so that im not forced into taking things like turbine transition which i've herd from around here is a waste of money. I would still be able to obtain all my ratings up to MEI if i wanted. One of my main questions for you all here is would an aviation management degree help me out more on paper in other jobs besides a pilot? The switch would be pretty easy since its really almost identical, just swaps out a few of the upper level flying courses such as turbine transition for business and marketing classes.


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Only if you are looking to pursue aviation related jobs other than flying. The most important thing, though, is experience. Consider that many people have degrees in something they may never really pursue. I have a friend who earned a degree in communications, ended up as a radio DJ for a few years, then began a career in the financial industry working for a well known company. Airlines don’t care what undergraduate degree you have. So in your case if it’s going save you money by switching majors, it would be a wise decision.


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Sounds like switching would create more opportunities if you can not get that flying job until the airlines starts hiring again. sounds like they put the ball in a slightly different court for you at the end. Use it for a back up plan when all the majors go poopy like now. Good luck.


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I would just switch to a non-aviation major. Hopefully the courses you have already taken are more gen-ed and will make it easy to switch without having to take lots of extra classes.


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I have an Avit Management degree and it has worked out great for my chosen line of work. Much like yourself I started as a commercial avit major and realized about half way through school that I had no desire to fly the line.

I wanted to pair aviation and business together and the management degree has been perfect for getting into the Aircraft Sales industry.


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i say go for the aviation management degree....its more marketable than strictly a flying degree.....

p.s. boomer sooner!


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If it's gonna save you $$$ and it's still a major you're interested in, then go for it. In aviation, the degree is mainly there to check the box. I'm a believer in majoring in something you like, not just a non-aviation degree as a back-up. A history, English, and in a lot of cases accounting and management degrees are about as useful as an aviation degree.


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Thanks for the replies folks. Im going to meet with my adviser and see about switching, all in all i think theres only like 3-4 classes are are different. It will allow me to not have to take turbine transition in order to graduate. Also it will allow me to take multi-engine outside of the University if i choose to. Now lets hope i pass my instrument check ride next week!


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I was like you after my first year of school. I was initially a pro pilot major but decided that I would be a little more versatile if I had some management and finance classes. I switched to a flight operations concentration and haven't regretted it. I recently graduated and am now pursuing my masters degree in aviation safety. Good luck with your checkride!!!!