Connecticut FBO's (Interstate vs. Capital Aviation)


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Connecticut FBO\'s (Interstate vs. Capital Aviation)

Any opinions on either of these FBO's or on any FBO's in CT. I live near waterbury and am starting my private. I need to decide on which one.
Re: Connecticut FBO\'s (Interstate vs. Capital Aviation)

Interstate is great, they are just really expensive. I have no experience with capital, you might also want to check out the fbo's in danbury, I had a decent experience with the people over at North American Aviation. By far the best fbo in the state is probably Windham aviation, but that is just a hike. Also in new haven robinson aviation is excellent, really professional.
Re: Connecticut FBO\'s (Interstate vs. Capital Aviation)

Do not go to capital or executive flight, both of the owners are very sketchy. Windham is a very good FBO, and the prices are a reasonable. In terms of Danbury, North American is good, but remember, your experience is only as good as the instructor, not the FBO. I am a local CFII, andI have had experiences with most of the FBOs in CT.