Congrats CJC!!!


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October 20, 2008

To our Fellow Colgan Pilots-

We are writing today to inform you that ALPA has filed for a representation election with the National Mediation Board! In just a couple short months, with all of your help, we were able to collect cards from a strong majority of the pilot group – from all bases, all levels of seniority, all seats and equipment and all backgrounds. We thank you for your support.

We are now entering the second stage of the process: the investigation.
The National Mediation Board will soon contact Colgan management for a list of all “Flight Deck Crew Members”, along with signature samples for every pilot. They will use this list and compare it to the cards we have collected to ensure that we have met the minimum 35% + 1 threshold. The NMB will never disclose to Colgan management the number of cards that were submitted, or which pilots signed a card. We expect this part of the process to take approximately four weeks.

Following the card count, we will move to the election process. All Colgan pilots will be able to cast their vote for ALPA by telephone or Internet. The voting instructions, which will include your unique personal identification number (PIN) and voter identification number (VIN), will be mailed to your home address, /as provided by Colgan management./ If you have not updated your address recently, or will be moving in the next few weeks, we urge you to contact ******* ASAP at ********* to update your mailing address! It should take two to three weeks to prepare the voting instructions for mailing.

Finally, we have the election period, which will last for three weeks.
In order to certify ALPA as our bargaining representative, we need to collect votes from 50% + 1 of all /eligible/ voters. That means that forgetting to vote, or even failing to vote because you never received your voting instructions, will be counted as a NO vote!

As we move through the process, your Organizing Committee will be reaching out to all pilots to update you when the election is ordered, and to confirm that all pilots have received their voting instructions.

We also want to let you know to start looking for more emails from <>.
During the election campaign we will be utilizing ALPA’s blastmail capabilities to ensure we keep the pilot group updated about events we will be hosting and other developments in the campaign.

We thank you again for all of the questions you have asked about representation by ALPA, and the support of all of you who have signed a card. We are confident that we will win the election, but only if we all work together and stay informed, just like we will need to do when we are ALPA members.

If you have any questions about ALPA or the election process, please do not hesitate to contact any of us on the (growing) list below.

In unity,

First Officer Elliott Isaacs

On behalf of the Colgan Pilots ALPA Organizing Committee

Captain John Antoniades

Captain Brian Oakes

Captain Mark Atchue

First Officer Charles Poston

Captain Benjamin Bray

Captain Mark Que

First Officer Steven Delamar

Captain Vincent Rainaldo

Captain Scott Gates

Captain Tom Reeder

Captain Matt Green

First Officer David Schwartz

Captain Corey Heiser

Captain Mark Segaloff

First Officer Nathan Hillard

Captain Sidney Smith

First Officer Geoffrey Huppe

First Officer Brett Smithling

First Officer Elliott Isaacs

Captain Michael Wheeler

First Officer Kyra Ko

First Officer Mitchell White

Captain Ronald Laurenzo

First Officer Carla Widman

Captain Matthew Malone

First Officer Todd Yero

Captain Timothy Newkirk

Captain Rizwan Zahid

Captain Barry Nomann

Captain Joe Zuffoletto


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Good for you guys! All I can say is when listening pro's and con's remember your source and know that mgmt DOES NOT WANT ALPA!


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Congrats guys. I little Wookie kinda hinted this was coming last week.

Make sure your current address is on file. It would suck to lose with 49% again just b/c the voting info got sent to someone's mom's house after they moved out.


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Just got an e-mail saying that some of the big wigs from Colgan will be in IAH next week. I'm sure they'll be there to try and tell us all how the evil union will put us all on the street eventually because it will hurt the company. Don't listen to it guys, when the vote comes make sure you send it in this time. Don't assume that everyone else is voting and yours will not matter.


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Wasn't there a post like a month ago by someone saying how great colgan work rules were and to not bad mouth them for flying 75 seat airplanes for 50 seat pay?


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It is more about work rules, they are OK at best by the way.

It is about legal representation, aeromedical services, and a willingness to raise the bar.


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Keep mgmt out of any new hire classes! Your last go around, I talked to a guy I knew that was in class just before the vote, and he was convinced that ALPA was going to take 20% of his gross pay.... I wonder what he's thinking these days?


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Keep mgmt out of any new hire classes! Your last go around, I talked to a guy I knew that was in class just before the vote, and he was convinced that ALPA was going to take 20% of his gross pay.... I wonder what he's thinking these days?
Can't say that the same occurred in my class..... Ed just told us to look at all of the facts and decide for ourselves.


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I'm sure the OC is watching management very closing. Wouldn't want to catch anyone doing anything that could constitute stalling the employee's rights to organize.