Completed my multi add on today with Aclan Pro Air


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I just finished my commercial multi checkride yesterday with an examiner in Santa Rosa. The ride was 1.2 hours long and the oral was about 1 hour. On the oral part, the examiner wanted to know about the heater system, landing gear, and propeller. We also went into details about VMC, the 4 factors, and the 10 conditions. Then afterward we talked about emergency procedures. As for the checkride, i did not find it hard at all. My instructor prepared me pretty well and i knew what was expected of me.

So back to the checkride, we did a short field take off and the examiner killed the engine on take off roll. Then normal take off with engine failure at 500 feet and normal single engine landing. Then a short field take off followed by a short field landing. As for the maneuvers, I was asked to do vmc demo, steep turns, pwr off stall, and slow flight. Then another engine failure enroute followed by an airstart. Then to finish up the ride, I did a single engine ILS into Santa Rosa runway 32.

P.S: Examiner name was Steve Benedict


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Nice!!! Congrats to you!! The MER add-on is one of the most fun ratings a person can get!!! :nana2::D


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When did he fail the engine on the ILS??? Typical examiners will distract you by playing with the radios...then reach down and shut off fuel to one of the engines.

Pretty fun ride though........


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This examiner had a piece of paper covering the mixture quadrant so he would pull it unexpectedly. I think as soon as i was vectored to final the engine was killed.